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The powerful resurfacer for large-scale application in ice rinks and arenas – for ice rinks of over 45,192 ft2 - (4,200 m2).


The WM evo2 is a high-performance ice resurfacer that works its way effortlessly around ice rinks or arenas. The large water and snow tanks can be easily connected for maximum flexibility. While diesel, gasoline or electric engines ensure a powerful drive.

An ultra-rapid 60 second blade-change system, at-a-glance control system, and automatic mode make for outstanding ease of use. Trouble-free, rapid access to the engine compartment allows for fast, easy maintenance.

The Champion for Pros: The WM evo2 guarantees exceptional ice quality on large surfaces of over 45,192 ft2 - (4,200 m2).

Modern design, the best of quality and ease of maintenance: Resurfacing of ice rinks has never been so professional or so simple!

  • Snow tank volume - 145 ft3 / compacted 180 ft3
  • Standard water tank volume - 317 USG
  • Standard water tank + snow tank connection volume - 673 USG
  • Blade width - 90.5" inches or 98.5
  • Turning Radius - 15.25' feet
  • Field of operation - PRO / Heavy Duty
  • Powered by - Battery and AC Drive Motors
  • Options:

  • Large water tank volume - 370 USG
  • Large water tank + snow tank connection volume - 726 USG
  • X-Large water tank volume - 528 USG.

The warranty on a product that is delivered shall have a duration of 12 months from the delivery date, it being understood that this shall be the date on which the product is made available to the Customer in the Company’s plant.

  • 3 Year Warranty Logo

  • 5 Year Warranty Logo

With the purchase of a WM technics GmbH ice resurfacer, the equipment will be delivered to your facility by one of are factory trained technicians. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in machine setup and operation. We will perform the following:

  • Unload ice resurfacer
  • Perform setup and field testing
  • Operational demonstration
  • Training class for staff

Additional Features

The WM evo2 quick blade-change system eases working life enormously: Blades can be changed in just 60 seconds! The blades are made in a special steel, giving you both an above-average service life and an impressive weight: They are just 6.6 lbs. Blade changes can be carried out quickly and safely. Two blades together with all accessory equipment are supplied as standard in a practical wooden transport box.

  • Less then 60 seconds blade changes
  • Blade weighs less then 7 pounds
  • One employee operation
  • Easy, quick and precise blade change
  • Low injury risk
  • Improved quality of ice

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The edger is fixed to the body of the WM evo2, guaranteeing you outstanding stability and performance. It can be operated easily and safely from the driver's seat. The innovative horizontal spring-loaded system with guide wheel ensures that the edger follows the contours of the rink to perfection, and planes the ice evenly, rapidly and cleanly. Edging and subsequent cleaning of the ice surface with the swivel brushes can be carried out in one simple step. The edgers are positioned between the axels and in front of the brush, to ensure an unrestricted overview of the vehicle. When not in use, the edgers are stored between the wheels, and do not affect operation in any way.

  • Outstanding stability.
  • Horizontal spring-loaded system.
  • Consistently high ice quality

When you're building up ice depth or using the water sprayer, more water is a must. The WM evo2 has it all taken care of! The water and snow tanks can easily be connected into one water tank with a total volume of around 673 gallons of water. No more standing in cold water and tiresome tugging on hoses: All operations can be carried out from the comfort of the driver's cab - there's more than enough water to do the job.

  • Standard water + snow tank 673.6 gallons.
  • Optional Large water + snow tank 726 gallons.
  • Optional XLarge water + snow tank 779 gallons.
  • Quick change over time.

The WM evo2 is a guarantee of outstanding comfort for the driver and boasts a full, unobstructed view whether you're driving cabin-free or with all-around glass. Three steps provide easy entry to the vehicle. All important information is clearly visible at a glance on the high-definition color display, and all the main functions are keyboard-controlled. At a simple press of a button the automatic mode begins all work operations in a pre-defined order, while the height-adjustable Grammer suspension seat provides outstanding comfort.

  • Unobstructed view.
  • Joystick-controlled
  • Operations in a pre-defined order.




The entire engine technology is easily accessible just by lifting the cab. This means that mechanics can carry out their work quickly and cleanly, which in turn saves on time and service costs. Our team also use remote monitoring to keep an eye on your vehicle monitor and rectify any faults which may occur. Make the most of all the advantages of direct contact with the manufacturer!

  • Cost-efficient maintenance and operation
  • Free and easy access to the engine compartment
  • Skilled remote maintenance

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