The self-driving ice resurfacer

Outstanding automated assistance brought to you by WM ice technics,
masters of innovation.

From now on, visitors to the ice arena will be rubbing their eyes in wonderment as they watch the ice resurfacer making its way around the rink - and see an empty driver’s seat. Yes, it‘s possible – with WM ice technics optional Autopilot!


Automated Assistance

WM ice technics took their first step towards the future with their innovative, one-press, integrated automatic mode: At just one press of the button, all operations are activated in a predefined order. WM ice technics have now taken the next leap forward and, with the WM Shira, Mammoth, and evo2 Autopilot, automation in the work place has reached a new peak. The self-driving vehicle is capable of completely resurfacing the ice rink without a driver, proving itself to be of invaluable assistance both to the arena managers and the resurfacer operators. While the ice resurfacer is resurfacing the ice, the operator has time to get on with other things.

The autopilot mode is ideal for the last cleaning of the day and for interim cleans. The innovative Autopilot function is available for the WM Shira, WM Mammoth, and WM evo2 ice resurfacers. These WM models can also be retrofitted with the Autopilot system at any time.   Helpful Detail Link...

Our Services

Whatever the need -  from the smallest ice rinks to largest arenas we provide all the services you require. Providing new ice resurfacer sales, equipment repairs, ice resurfacer rentals, and financing.

Ice Resurfacer Repairs

Mobile and Shop Repair Services

LSK Enterprises has been providing mobile and shop repair services for all makes and model of ice resurfacers since 1993. We provide ice resurfacer repairs to include on-site emission testing .

Equipment Leasing


Roughly 79% of U.S. businesses, both small and fortune 500, finance their equipment. Cover all related expenses, finance 100% of your purchase including installation and services. Flexible payment plans with no money down and 24 – 72 month finance terms.

Ice Resurfacers Rentals

Mobile and Seasonal Ice Resurfacer Rentals

Ice Resurfacing Equipment is available for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rates. We deliver the equipment, setup, and provide operating instruction to your staff.

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