Service Department

Ice Resurfacer Repair Specialist

Basic Service Plan

As the Official Dealer for Resurfice Corporation, manufacturers of the Olympia® Ice Resurfacer. Our Service Department has the only Factory Trained and Certified Ice Resurfacer Technicians in our territory. Our technicians provide all Warranty work within this territory. As the dealer we also provide Preventative Maintenance Programs which are listed below:

Basic Service Plan

For our Basic Service Plan we send a factory trained Ice Resurfacer Technician to your facility where they will diagnose the condition of your Ice Resurfacer. During the Full Service Plan we will provide the following service, inspection, and parts. All parts listed below are provided with this program. Our technician will also discuss  each problem with you and its severity so you can take the best possible action for repairs. All preauthorized repairs will be performed at your location.

Parts List:

Engine Maintenance
  • Distributor Cap
  • Distributor Rotor
  • Spark Plugs
  • Spark Plug Wires
  • Air Filter


  • General Machine
  • Distributor
  • Fuel Feedback System
  • Universal Joints


  • Adjust Fuel System
  • Adjust Ignition Timing
  • Emission Testing with printed record

For Preventative Maintenance Pricing