The Mini E Battery

Power, Performance and Environmentally Friendly

The Mini E Battery


The Olympia Mini E Battery Ice Resurfacer has been a proven leader since it's inception in 2013 Olympia.


The painted steel snow bin and chassis surrounded with a fiberglass body helps to greatly reduce the possibility of corrosion, while still providing a sleek design. The ice making conditioner is constructed primarily of galvized steel along with the stainless steel water tanks. The drive train is made up of four independent wheel motors providing quiet, cost efficient and pollution free operation. Millennium Mini Ice Resurfacer looking from the front


The Millennium Mini  Electric is simple to use, simple to recharge, simple to maintain and is simply the best battery powered ice resurfacer in the world. From the automatic water shut off filling stations, water usage will be greatly reduced in your facility.

Battery and Charging System

The Olympia Millennium Mini battery system is unique in it's own fashion designed and manufactured by EnerSys with deep cycle in mind. The batteries are based on a square tube design allowing for more surface area within the batteries cells. This allows for a deeper cycle than comparable size battery packs. The batteries are conveniently located under the snow bin on the ice resurfacer. The batteries are easily watered with the stealth battery watering cart at the completion of a charge. The Millennium Mini has an easy to read battery gauge. A reading of 100 on the battery gauge indicates a full charge. Likewise, a reading of 0 on the battery gauge indicates the batteries are at 20% and ready for recharge. Even if your final resurfacing brings you to zero reading you still have plenty of power to complete the final cut before connecting to the charger. The Mini will perform 12 plus resurfacings without having an opportunity charge being performed. A standard charge takes roughly 7 to 8 hours to complete and is performed overnight while the facility is closed. During the charging process the battery pack is disconnected from the resurfacer to insure that the machine is inoperable during the maintenance process.

Millennium Mini Specifications

Standard Equipment:

  • Direct Drive Motors on all 4 WheelsOlympia Millennium Mini Battery from rear
  • Painted Steel Construction
  • Aluminum Alloy Wheels  
  • Safety Seat Switch  
  • Two Tone color paint 
  • Proven Battery Technology  
  • Wash Water 
  • Board Brush  
  • Automatic Snow Breaker  
  • Automatic Towel Lift  
  • 5" Conditioner Offset to Driver side
  • Replaceable Conditioner Runners  
  • Front and Rear Guide Wheels  
  • Full Instrumentation  
  • Lighting Package Head lights & Bin Lights  
  • Parking Brake 
  • Front Dump 
  • Vertical Auger Elevator System  
  • 4 Wheel Hydraulic Disk Brakes  
  • Adjustable Traction Control  
  • Integrated Battery Watering System 
  • Power Steering

Additional Options:

  • Optional Tire Wash
  • LVR Laser Blade Control System
  • Rear Mounted Hydraulic Edger  
  • Multiple Battery and Charger options 
  • Special Colors

Battery and Charger Specifications

  • Battery Voltage - 48 volts DC
  • Battery Capacity - 330 amp hours
  • Supplied in 2-12 cell epoxy coated trays - 48 cells total
  • Total Driving & Operating Power - 13.9 Kilowatts
  • Stealth Intergrated battery watering system with watering cart

Building Requirements:

  • Service Voltage Required - 480/550/600 volts AC 3 phase
  • Service Amps Required - 30 amps @ 480 volts AC 3 phase
  • Hot Water Supply - 1" npt male fitting on driver side of machine
  • Cold Water Supply - 1" npt male fitting on passenger side of machine


Standard 68" Conditioner

  Resurfacing Blade  1/2"x5"x68"
  Conditioner Clearance   7"
  Wheel base    0"
  Turning Radius   149.0" 
  Length -  Snow Bin down  127.5"
  Length -  Snow Bin up  182.0"
  Width - Snow Bin down -  (68" Blade)   71"
  Width - Snow Bin up - (68" Blade)   71"
  Height - Snow Bin down - (Top of Body)   81.5"
  Height - Snow Bin down -  (Top of Vertical Auger)   89.0"
  Height - Snow Bin up  121.0"
  Flood Water Tank Capacity -  (Hot)  * 63 / gal
  Wash Water Tank Capacity -  (Cold)  * 35 /gal
  Snow Bin Capacity   43.5 cu. ft.
  Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity - (Dextron III)  * 7.94/ gal
  Net Weight -  (empty)   5,798.0 lb.
  Gross Weight - (full of water)  6,322.8 lb.
* Imp. / US gal.