Olympia Millennium E Electric

Battery Powered Ice Resurfacer

The Millennium "E" Battery was specially designed for use in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics where the theme was going green. Designed and manufactured by Resurfice Corporation, manufacturers of the Olympia Ice Resurfacer product line. This unique design, incorporated a battery powered drive train with independent wheel motors and a full stainless steel chassis and snow bin. To this day, the Millennium "E" Battery still comes with an optional stainless chassis and snow bin.

The Millennium "E" has since performed in many additional venues, such as the 2014 Sochi Olympics where they provided more than 30 plus resurfacings on a single charge, setting the new standard for ice resurfacing machines. The cost of operating an OLYMPIA Millennium E is one tenth of the cost of a standard propane or natural gas ice resurfacer. You get over twice the number of ice resurfacing per charge as the nearest competitor using the same amount of charging time and energy cost.


The Millennium "E" battery is simple to use, simple to recharge, simple to maintain and is simply the best battery powered ice resurfacer in the world. From the speed related flood water system to the automatic water shut off filling stations, water usage will be greatly reduced in your facility. The wash water system operates with the touch of one button, if the wash water tank runs low on water the system automatically turns off to protect the systems components from damage. Designed with ease of operation in mind the Millennium "E" battery has simplified operational controls that are conveniently located within easy reach, allowing the operator to make precise blade adjustments during the resurfacing procedure. With our unique design we are afforded a remarkable 14.8' turning radius. The water and snow capacity will allow for back to back cuts on a standard NHL size sheet of ice and will easily handle an Olympic size sheet of ice.


The steel snow bin and chassis are surrounded with a fiberglass body which helps to greatly reduce the possibility of corrosion, due to battery charging and the harsh working environment within ice arenas, while still providing a sleek design. The sleek body was designed with the advertiser in mind. The ice making conditioner is also constructed primarily of stainless steel along with the stainless steel water tanks and vertical auger housing. The drive train is a twin set of  EnerSys batteries with square tube technology for a true deep cycle. Each wheel is driven by one of four independent AC electric drive motor thru independent solid-state motor controllers. Each motor controller has a self diagnostic trouble shooting code system which is easily viewed by a single flashing light.

Millennium E Specifications:

Battery System and Charging

  • The Millennium "E" battery system is unique in it's own fashion, designed and manufactured by EnerSys with deep cycle in mind. The batteries are built with a square tube design allowing for more surface area within the batteries cells. This allows for a deeper cycle than comparable size battery packs. The batteries are conveniently located behind side body panels and are easily accessed by opening the snow bin. The batteries are watered with the stealth battery watering cart at the completion of a charge. The average time required to fill the batteries with water is less then 5 total minutes. The Millennium "E" has an easy to read battery gauge. A reading of 100 on the battery gauge indicates a full charge. Likewise, a reading of 0 on the battery gauge indicates the batteries are empty. The Millennium "E" will perform 30 plus resurfacings without having to perform an opportunity charge. A standard charge takes roughly 7 to 8 hours to complete and is performed overnight while the facility is closed. By design during the charging process the battery pack is disconnected from the resurfacer to insure that the machine is inoperable during the maintenance process.

Electric Motors:

  • Independent Wheel Drive Motors and Hubs

Transfer Axles: Gotha Wheel Hubs

  • True All Wheel Drive
  • Fluid: Dextron III
  • Rated: 11,025 lbs per wheel

Brakes: Gotha Internal Wet Brakes 

  • Front Hydraulic Wet Disc
  • Rear Hydraulic Wet Disc
  • Fluid: Internal Hydraulic Fluid
  • Electronic Wheel Braking
  • Manuel Parking Brake

Hydraulics: Bosch Rexroth® Components 

  • Dash Operated Switches with electro-hydraulic actuation
  • Hydraulic Systems Aux Hydraulic Systems
  • Direct Drive Auxillary Hydraulic Pump
  • Bosch Rexroth® Auxillary Hydraulic Manifold
  • Fluid:  12 gallons of Dextron III
  • 2 in-tank mounted supply strainers
  • 20 micron return filter conveniently located inside the tank fill cap

Construction: Olympia® Quality Chassis

  • Jig Weld and Aligned Steel Chassis

Water Tanks: Olympia® Quality Tanks

  • Rust-free 253 gallon Stainless- Steel Flood Water tanks
  • Rust-free 54 gallon Stainless- Steel Water tanks

Battery and Charger Specifications

  • Battery Voltage - 80 volts DC
  • Battery Capacity - 770 amp hours
  • Supplied in 2-20 cell epoxy coated trays - 40 cells total
  • Total Driving & Operating Power - 16 Kilowatts
  • WiiQ Battery Controller
  • Stealth Intergrated battery watering system with watering cart