LVR Laser Blade Control

Perfectly Level Ice - Every Time

The Olympia LVR Laser Blade Control System

Now you can produce perfectly level ice every time you resurface and get dramatic energy savings with the OLYMPIA™ LVR laser leveling system.LVR Laser System on a Millennium E Battery Ice Resurfacer

The OLYMPIA™ LVR will:

• Dramatically reduce operating costs

• Eliminate weekly maintenance shutdowns

• Fight global warming by reducing energy usage

• Reduce wear and tear on your OLYMPIA™ ice resurfacer

• Get longer blade life

• Eliminate worry about operator error

• Produce perfectly flat, level ice every time you resurface


The OLYMPIA™ LVR laser leveling system, jointly developed by Latec Instruments and Resurfice Corp is the latest in the on-going innovations in the OLYMPIA™ line of ice resurfacing equipment.

LVR Laser Dash OperationThe OLYMPIA™ LVR literally takes all the guess work out of producing a perfectly level sheet of ice. The laser controlled ice leveling system provides an accurate reference point to within .05 mm. Data from the laser receptor combined with data from the ice surface sensor allows the OLYMPIA™ LVR system to adjust the blade on the OLYMPIA™ conditioner to cut, precisely, the amount of ice needed to return the ice to a perfectly level condition.



Your energy bill will be dramatically reduced because you can maintain the ice at a reduced thickness of between 25mm and 37mm ( 1 to 1 ½ inches) resulting in less load on your compressors, condenser and dehumidifier and less energy use. Edging can be reduced to twice a week. The normal resurfacing cut is a mere 0.5 mm resulting in a faster freeze during the resurfacing operation and producing a perfectly level, harder sheet of ice.

OLYMPIA LVR produces perfectly level ice – every time and makes your operation greener by dramatically reducing energy and water usage.