Olympia 500 Tractor Mount

Ice Resurfacing Attachment

The Olympia 500


The Olympia 500 Ice Resurfacer attachment has been a proven leader since it's inception in the 60's. Since its launch there have been hundreds sold throughout our world wide dealer network. Turn that outdoor rink into a championship ice surface with the easy to use, fast, efficient, attaches to any full size tractor with a standard 3 point hitch.


The Olympia 500’s twin snow bins allow easy access for off-loading the snow following the resurfacing operation.


The Olympia® 500 is simple to use, simple to maintain and is simply the best ice resurfacer of its kind in the world. Operating the ice resurfacer has never been easier. Designed with ease of operation in mind the Olympia®500 simplified operational controls are conveniently located within reach, allowing the operator to make precise blade adjustments during the ice cut.

500 Specifications

 Standard Equipment:

  • A one-person cleaning, scraping and resurfacing operation.
  • Controls within easy reach of the operator
  • Fast on & off hook-up system
  • Fits any 3 point tractor hitch
  • Rear access snow bins for ease of dumping
  • Galvanized steel flood pipes
  • Towel bar for smooth ice resurfacing
  • Designed for maintenance by your own staff
  • Parts and Service readily available
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada
  • Can be stored in the summer freeing the tractor for other tasks
  • Safety Labels

Construction: Olympia® Quality Chassis

  • Jig Weld and Aligned Steel Chassis
  • Top quality primed and painted chassis

Water Tanks: Olympia® Quality Tanks

  • Rust-free Aluminum Flood Water tanks

Standard 80" Conditioner Only

  Resurfacing Blade   1/2"x5"x80"   203 x 12.7x1.3 cm
  Length   43"   109 cm
  Width   84"   213 cm
  Height   68"   173 cm
  Flood Water Tank Capacity -  (Hot)  * 70 / 84 gal   318 l
  Snow Bin Capacity   49 cu. ft.   0.990 cu m
  Hydraulic Oil Flow Required  ** 6 gpm  
  Net Weight -  (empty)  1200 lb.  544 kg
* Imp. / US gal.
** US gallons per minute